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Queen Marcia

Each time I was struck by her humility and kindness. She makes use of her shows to, not just promote or sell or any of the myriad other things that are not necessarily bad, but are also not unique, but instead she promotes kindness amongst society.

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There's one song in particular that stands out for me that epitomizes this very quality, World Full of Love. This was released on her newest album, Shine Bright , and I'm so glad that it's made it's way from the live shows to the distributed albums. Her soulful and heartfelt plea for people to pick up and carry on, to support one another, and to appreciate the gift of a world full of love around us in a time where it just doesn't seem to exist anymore It truly gave me chills hearing it live.

The audience comes to a quiet stillness taking in the words and love that she is putting out there for everyone to embrace.

It's one of those performances that makes you truly feel like you can walk up to anyone and be kind no matter what the differences are we might have amongst one another. It's a song uniquely suited to her voice, and honestly I'm not sure there is another artist out there who can come close to doing the song justice.

About the Homestay

She has what I call that "soulful gravel" to her voice. Something that either really works or really doesn't. For Marcia It really works!

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Experts are now urging people to be vigilant and learn the key symptoms of anal cancer so it's caught earlier, following the study which was published in the Journal of National Cancer Institute. Anal cancer occurs where the digestive tract ends and about 1, people are diagnosed with it each year in the UK. Some people with anal cancer do not have any symptoms, however if you develop any of these symptoms make sure you see you're GP. It comes after it was revealed millions of people with potential cancer symptoms affecting their privates are too embarrassed to seek medical help. One-in-five adults have delayed seeing their GP despite early diagnosis being crucial in boosting cancer survival.

And overall, more than five million have avoided going to the doctor altogether to spare their blushes.

Marcia Brown

Vaginal bleeding was viewed as the most embarrassing symptom to discuss, according to a survey for Bupa. The Salukis carried that momentum over to the second set, as they built an eight-point cushion at the midway point and cruised to a set two win.

The third set featured six ties in the early going, as Middle Tennessee broke a all tie with a spurt to take a commanding lead that it never surrendered. It was the Salukis turn to break a tie with a big run in the fourth set, as they rattled off five-straight points to break a all tie and never trailed after that despite having to go to its bench extensively because of injury.

Kyra Hunter and Libby Valek both saw the floor for the first time this season during the fourth frame while Hannah Becker played middle for the first time this season.

Third World Ft. Marcia Griffith - You make me so very Happy

But I thought we settled in during the fourth set and did a nice job of dealing with the adversity of having to adjust our lineup. After St. Louis took the first set, SIU rallied to tie the match at 1-all with a set two victory.