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Either way, riding side by side is often clouded by confusion on the part of drivers and cyclists alike because it seems like a nuisance to drivers and a necessary thing to be allowed to do for cyclists. In the United States, the majority of states allow riding side by side right in the laws. There are only a few states where it is not legal to ride side by side or it is only legal in very specific conditions such as riding on the shoulder or enough lanes on the road.

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In all these cases, you can only ride two abreast and only in such a way that traffic will not be impeded. In particular, cyclists riding two abreast are often chided by other cyclists for not paying attention to their surroundings and blocking other riders from passing safely.

For example, Anya's speed in the second ride should be greater than in the first. Also, in comparing the two bike rides in July and in September, students can recognize that Taylor's speed doesn't change but Anya's does, and this changes the meeting time. Solution: Problem a, first method. Solution: Problem a, second method. In the first hour, Anya went 5. Solution: Problem b, first method. The table should show 63 miles at 0 hours, 45 miles at 1 hour, 27 miles at 2 hours, and 9 miles at 3 hours. Some of the students will probably recognize that the distance is decreasing by 18 miles each time, and this fact can be brought up in class discussion.

Solution: Problem b, second method. Here are a couple of ways to offer extra scaffolding to students who might need it.

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Draw a line representing the route that Taylor and Anya will take, with their starting points labeled as being 63 miles apart. Then mark Taylor's position at 0, 1, 2 and 3 hours, and likewise for Tanya's. Make a table with four columns instead of just two.

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The first column would be time in hours, then how far Anya has traveled, then how far Taylor has traveled, and finally the distance between them. Solution: Problem c, first method.

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First, students should recognize from the table that the friends are 9 miles apart after three hours, and therefore they will meet in less than an hour. With a little more thought and discussion, they should recognize that 9 is half of 18, and so they will meet in 3. If this 3. Solution: Problem c, second method.

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Appl Ergon. Christiaans HH 1 , Bremner A. Abstract Research has been undertaken into the question of comfort on a standard 'utility' bicycle. Supplemental Content Full text links. External link.

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