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For other depictions of the trombone by the same painter, see c. The Sense of Hearing or Allegory of Hearing depicts a trombone among the many instruments in the room see Detail 1, below. The trombone rests on the ground, along with a dulcian, near an ensemble of 2 voices and 3 strings that is informally performing outdoors see below image; public domain Kenyon de Pascual, Two Contributions. The image is similar to a painting on which the artist collaborated with Hendrik van Balen and Jan Brueghel see c.

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Some wonderful paintings! Very interesting! Thanks, Jon! The price of Watercolor Painting for "5 Saint George In The Forest Flemish religious Baroque Denis van Alsloot" is same with other art forms like gouache drawings, charcoal drawings, pencil sketch and pastel painting.

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Please email us if you want to turn photos to paintings. Check this if you want your canvas art stretched on wooden stretcher bar, gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

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Alsloot was born in Mechelen. He initially painted using the style of Gillis van Coninxloo , but after gradually developed a style of his own. At the turn of the 17th century his career took off when he was appointed court painter to Albert and Isabella, the governors of the Spanish Netherlands. He became a painter to the elite and served a clientele of princes, courtesans and influential state officials.

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He was still alive in as is testified by a painting dated in that year. He must have died in or before as two works he had left as inheritance to a niece were bought in by the Archduchess Isabella.

Van Alsloot mainly painted landscapes and scenes of local festivals and ceremonies. His work can be regarded as transitory in the development of landscape art in the early 17th century. All his known dated works were made in Brussels between and The style of his landscape paintings shows an affinity with the work of Gillis van Coninxloo. As such his work appears a synthesis of the styles of van Coninxloo and Jan Breughel the Elder.