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Russian Veterans Recall Horrors of WW2 Eastern Front

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1st SS Infantry Brigade

All Rights Reserved. Having said that, I must emphasis that in today's world new original primary research is a great thing to find and read through but I believe that so much has been written about the Waffen SS, and the Eastern Front in general, that it is time to take a step back and take some of that secondary research to see where it takes us. This is what I believe the author did here and I commend him for a job well done.

I can easily admit to have read quite a few books from the bibliography but there were still many books I had never heard of or wasn't familiar with and just for that this book was worth getting. The author is quite fair to the Waffen SS; he presents both extremes to the reader and chooses to walk in the middle showing that those who believe the Waffen SS to be a criminal organization are not basing it on fiction but rather on fact. The book is short, a little over pages, goes over the history of the SS, the composition of the SS, and the ideology behind it before diving into the activities of a variety of SS formations on the Eastern Front.

While not all SS soldiers were ideologues hunting Jews and Commissars enough of the SS officer corps was, which in turn influenced a large number of those under them. At the end of December the Brigade was ordered to move to East Prussia. The brigade took an active part in the killing of the Jewish population assisting the Einsatzgruppen, in the town of Ushomir where it took part in the killing of all male Jews.

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In the indictment, the SS court states "The accused allowed his men to act with such vicious brutality that they conducted themselves under his command like a savage horde". The photos and negatives were later ordered to be destroyed. In another version of this trial cited in [5] Taubner is convicted of disregarding secrecy provisions surrounding the exterminations, expelled from the SS, deprived of his civil rights and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, for behavior that was "unworthy of an honorable and decent German man. Vasyl Valdeman, a Jewish resident of Ostroh reported: "We knew something would be done to us here.

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When we saw people hit and driven along here with spades, even small children realised why people were carrying the spades. He claims not to recall exactly which actions he took part in that summer, but he does admit to participating in killings like the one in Ostrog. Vasyl Valdeman: "Kids were crying, the sick were crying, the elderly were praying to God.

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Not on their knees but seated or lying down. It was very tough to go through it all, hearing all this wailing and crying. Then they had everyone get up and said 'Go', and as soon as people started moving, they selected people for shooting, for execution.

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In scenes which were repeated right across the areas of the Soviet Union occupied by the Nazis, men, women and children were ordered to strip and prepare to die. The killings went on into the evening. Vasyl Valdeman and his mother managed to escape and hide in a nearby village.

But the SS killed his father, grandfather and two uncles. Vasyl Valdeman: "That's how it was—the first execution—the most horrible one. It wasn't the last one.

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There were three more large executions after that with to people shot at every one of them. More people were executed afterwards in smaller scale ones and this is how the Jewish community of Ostrog was annihilated. Between formation in and January the Brigade reported the following casualties, from an establishment of 6, officers and men:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of this article's listed sources may not be reliable.